Sia 100% Natural Perfume

Sia 100% Natural Perfume

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This beautiful fragrance was inspired by our love and belief in nature and has been hand blended using 100% natural ingredients.

Our Sia Perfume was developed with scents which evoke feelings of love, joy and gratitude.

‘Sia’ is the name of Sarah (our Managing Director) and Adam Cowan’s beautiful daughter and the next generation of The Herb Farm family. Sia means bringer of joy. Her beautiful smile and peaceful soul lights up our lives.

Our all natural perfume brings together the floral scents of ylang ylang, geranium and jasmine. These gently evolve leaving the deeper layers of warm vanilla and cedar to create a light, fresh and enticing aroma that appeals to all ages.

9ml glass bottle


-100% Natural Perfume

-Light and Floral