Kawakawa Salt Grinder - Seasoner

Kawakawa Salt Grinder - Seasoner

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Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt is the Ultimate Mineral Supplement & Antioxidant.

Of the 84 mineral elements found in the human body, 72 are believed to be essential ingredients of a healthy diet. Himalayan Crystal Salt contains these 72 mineral elements.

Salt is not only critical to life, but it is one of the basic elements of which the body is made.

Kawakawa, because of its many healing properties, is known as “The Pharmacy of the Forest”.

Kawakawa, the pepper tree, has become a widely used herb in culinary cooking. Apart from its slightly peppery and aromatic flavor, Kawakawa has many health benefits to offer.

Kawakawa can aid the following, indigestion, stomach pain, bloated-ness – due to overeating or allergy food types (ie: wheat products) a blood purifier, kidney tonic, an anti-inflammatory, good for colds, coughs, bronchitis, and worm infestations. A Digestive aid.

Blended together for ultimate health benefits.


Some ways you can try Kawakawa salt:

1. Tonic

2. Arthritis

3. Footbath

4. Bathing

5. In Cooking